I lead photographers towards creative and financial fulfillment.

I bet you have three big questions.

Click for my answers:

What are you going to teach me?

I guide photographers towards creative and financial fulfillment. But as a 'no BS' kind of guy, I would prefer to say that I teach photographers how to be BOTH an artist AND a business person.

As a coach and mentor, I specialize in working with high-end photographers who want to create exceptional client experiences while maintaining a focus on quality over quantity.

I generally work with photographers who are aspiring to create a business that is high-experience and low-volume, with a resulting high ticket. In short: you and I can turn your passion for photography into a thriving and fulfilling business.

Have you ever wished you could have just learned it all the right way the first time?

Well, if you are looking to run a photography business that focuses on providing the best service - doing things the right way - and charging appropriately for it - that is what I do.

Have you ever wondered how other photographers make big sales where your work is better?

Oh, do I have the answer for you. It comes from confidence. It comes from the inner desire to serve your clients so well, and with such enthusiasm, that they think your prices are a steal! Seriously! Clients will pay what you are worth - you just have to exceed their expectations!

My full outline of twelve mentoring calls is below. Each subject is a separate call, 60-90 minutes or so, each done a week or two apart depending on your needs.

While the calls are meant to be done in order, this is only suggested. Each client is different and we will work together to find a path that works best for you. Clients may also eliminate some calls based on need. We offer packages at six, nine, and twelve calls (see below).

  1. Business models:

    Understanding your current business model, assessing where you are, what you would change, and what you want your life to look like. We will also be describing our low volume, high service, high ticket business model. Mapping out our path forward. We will also see if you are suffering from imposter syndrome! And if you are - show you how to cure that fast!

  2. Lighting with Confidence:

    Have you ever wanted to have a private image critique from a professional? Here we have a portfolio review and image critique, discussing your vision for your art. Having a review can open yourself up to understanding what you see and don’t see in your art work. My critique is comprised of technical excellence, visual appeal, and sell-ability - All helping you to create art that impresses your clients - and yourself.

  3. Client Happiness:

    Mastering the pathway for client happiness. Why the client experience matters. How big sales happen. The service timeline inversion. Imagine being know for your high level of service, attention to detail and outstanding communication. Understand the steps it takes to accomplish all of these attributes.

  4. Pricing in Depth:

    A bit scared to ask for what you are really worth? This three part conversation will be overloaded with important information to move you forward and assist you in becoming a profitable business that you love. Gain insight to the art of being a commissioned photographer. From vendor relationships to product offerings, we will attack the problem of pricing in a clear and effect way.

  5. Branding and Client Communication:

    Are you less than confident in your client communications? Learn what your branding says about you and how you can add value through words, actions and, design. We will also get into Client Relations Management (CRM) software.

  6. Initial Client Contact:

    Granular details of what to do when the phone rings, what to say and how to keep the caller engaged and interested in your services. How to close the call and get the booking!

  7. Design Consultation:

    Details of making the most of your time with your clients, grasp the understanding of why you have a design consult, hint, custom art.

  8. Studio Session:

    Granular details of how to gain complete control even when things are falling apart. How to be flexible in difficult situations. Confidence comes easy to you at this point.

  9. Ordering Session:

    All the details of the image ordering appointment. Have you ever felt trepidation asking for payment? You will feel confident at your ordering session once you study the process, keep the flow going and advise your clients as to what is best for them.

  10. Pick Up vs. Installation:

    How your clients receive their art matters. Considered having art delivered and installed as an additional level of service. Find out how these options can enhance the way your are seen.

  11. Marketing:

    The Good, the Bad and the Profitable. What has and has not worked for us. How to create, value, and maintain long term relationships for the purposes of driving future business. *Only available in my twelve call package.

  12. Final Goal Setting:

    Goal setting, and excellence. Financial review. Final branding review. Remember: competence breeds confidence.

Why should I listen to you?

Because I am actually doing it. Now. In this economy. In New Hampshire. And I have the invoices and happy customers to prove it. With my lovely wife Kimberly, we own and run Kimberly Sarah Photography, and have a 2,500 square foot gallery open to the public called The Dog Art Gallery. While our niche is dog and pet photography, what I teach is applicable to other niches such as family, senior, boudoir, and baby photographers - all of which I have done.

Can you get those dream sales?

I am telling you that you CAN get the dream sales that you have heard about. It is possible. It just takes knowledge and confidence - along with your ability to create a quality product for your clients reliably. And I can be your guide.

I have been working as a photographer since 1989, along side my previous life as a paramedic. I opened my teaching studio (SOPHA) in 2008 (or so), and I taught thousands (seriously!) of photographers the art and business of photography in person. I still teach studio lighting online here.

I was an EMS and Healthcare Educator for a long time - I taught bus loads of EMTs and Paramedics how to serve the public. I ended up as a full time college Professor in healthcare. I only left because I love photography so much and I was 'done' with EMS. If you know you know.

Over the years I have taught in all sorts of interesting places, in and out of the photographic industry. I literally couldn't list them all.

But to answer the question again: because I actually work as a full time artist AND have the ability to teach.

How much is this going to cost me?

I mentor and coach working photographic artists. I have a minimum engagement of six calls, but the typical engagement is twelve calls. Pricing ranges from $3000 to $5000.

Why am I this cheap? I love what I do. Truly. I love the time I spend helping others. Do you believe I am feeding you a BS line? Know that I was paramedic for 35 years. I truly enjoy helping people. The big difference now is that my clients rarely bleed and/or vomit on me. Rarely.

If you think I am too pricey, understand that my mentoring engagements are LESS than my average sale since 2021. If I can help you hit those goals, aren't I worth that or more? I know I am. Am I over confident? Nope. Because I can prove it. And I have happy customers. There is a reason my wife and I have spoken at all the pet photography industry's major conferences: our results.

Here is my package pricing:


  • One on One Mentoring

  • 6 Zoom calls (60-90 min)

  • Select from six calls on Bud's outline*

  • Order and content customized to you

  • Email access to Bud


$500 per call

My standard rate.


  • One on One Mentoring

  • 9 Zoom calls (60-90 min)

  • Select from nine calls on Bud's outline*

  • Order and content customized to you

  • Priority email access to Bud


$445 per call

That's a savings of $500!


  • One on One Mentoring

  • 12 Zoom calls (60-90 min)

  • All of the calls on Bud's outline

  • Order and content customized to you

  • Top Priority email access to Bud

  • Urgent touch up calls during the engagement

  • Marketing Call included!


$415 per call

That's a savings of $1000!

*Note that I only offer mentoring on Marketing with our full engagement package (12 calls).

How can I help?

Not everyone knows where to start with their luxury business, but I can go a long way to making your dream a reality.

If you are interested in working with me, please reach out using the form below.

Our next step will be to set up an informal 15 minute call so I can learn about you and your situation, and together we can decide how I can best help. If we decide to move forward, I will get more information then.

Note: You should hear back from me the same day, or perhaps the next day if I am in the studio or the gallery.

Let's chat.

How can I help? If you want to learn more about how I can help you and see if we are a good fit!

In this 15 minute call we will discuss where you are now and where you want to be - and how I can help you get there.

Leading photographers towards creative and financial fulfillment.

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